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Summer Camps 2024

Welcome to our comprehensive FAQ resource, crafted by our experts to enhance your camp journey from start to finish. If you can’t locate the information you seek here, we encourage you to connect with us. Reach out via our contact form, send us an email, drop a WhatsApp message, engage in a live chat on our website, or schedule a complimentary Zoom call with our team. We’re here to ensure your inquiries are promptly addressed and your camp experience is seamless.


Absolutely. You may view and download our dedicated and interactive camp brochure here.

SILC Academy is a distinguished leader in student leadership development with over a decade of profound experience in the education sector. As proud members of esteemed international school organisations and councils such as BSME, ECIS, and NESA, we take pride in collaborating with students from the world’s most prestigious schools, unlocking their inherent potential.

Our commitment to cultivating leadership goes beyond the ordinary. SILC Academy orchestrates school workshops, year-round school camps, and conferences globally. This includes our signature two-week summer camps in the picturesque landscapes of Switzerland and France. Our unique programmes, meticulously crafted with the SILC curricular framework, seamlessly integrate thrilling activities, engaging workshops, and insightful evaluations.

Summer Camps:
– SILC & Champittet Summer Leadership Camp, Switzerland
– Gstaad Summer Leadership Camp, Switzerland
– SILC Creative & Entrepreneurial Summer Camp, South of France
– Sea & Island Adventure, Corsica, France

Winter Camp:
– SILC Winter Leadership Camp, Switzerland

Here at SILC, each student has the chance to learn and experience incredible things in unique places and exclusive activities, make friends with like-minded peers around the world, and get personalised feedback and guidance to help them achieve their full potential by developing their unique skills and talents.

Absolutely. Many of our happy summer adventurers join us at our Winter Leadership Camp in Switzerland.

Our camp is located in Château-d’Oex in our beautiful Swiss chalet on the edge of town in the Gstaad Valley. We offer students an exciting, varied and balanced programme with activities for all tastes and preferences and meaningful interactive workshops to help them make the best of their winter holiday in a unique mountain setting.

Students will immerse themselves into a true winter wonderland – from the snowy glaciers to exploring festive towns, visiting a Chocolate Factory to attending amazing activities such as Tobogganing, Skiing, Ice Skating and more!

As our summer camps are boutique in nature and small in scale, we do not offer any discounts for one, two, or more student registrations.

Our summer camps are centered on cultivating essential 21st Century Skills, including goal-setting, communication, teamwork, global citizenship, creativity, entrepreneurship, by immersing students in an unforgettable blend of outdoor activities, dynamic team challenges, and transformative workshops. As participants navigate through a carefully designed learning experience, they not only unlock their individual potential but also harness the power of impactful leadership. We believe in equipping young minds with a progressive set of skills, prioritising personal growth and fostering both intra and interpersonal aptitudes. The result? Empowered individuals who not only thrive in our ever-changing world, but also possess the influence to positively impact those around them.

Admissions & Registration

Only registrations officially submitted via the official Registration Forms will be processed. Please fill in the form accordingly:

  • SILC & Champittet Summer Leadership Camp in Switzerland: Register here
  • Junior and Senior Gstaad Summer Leadership Camp in Switzerland: Register here
  • SILC Creative & Entrepreneurial Summer Camp in France: Register here
  • Sea & Island Adventure in France: Register here

Certainly, it is possible to register for multiple sessions, and for multiple camps. Even more, you may even opt for combining different camps. For example, you may choose to attend one of our two-weeks camps in France and after that attend a two-week camp in Switzerland. Should you wish to explore the various possibilities, please contact us and we will be delighted to assist you.

Yes, absolutely. Our summer camps also accommodate day camp options.

We offer five boutique summer camps; each camp is unique and comes with its own dates:

In Switzerland:
SILC & Champittet Summer Leadership Camp in Lausanne, Switzerland:
– Session 1: 1 July – 14 July
– Session 2: 15 July – 28 July

Senior Gstaad Summer Leadership Camp in Château-d’Oex, Switzerland:
– One week: 14 July – 20 July 2024
– Two weeks: 14 July – 27 July 2024
– Two weeks: 21 July – 3 August 2024
– Three weeks: 14 July – 3 August 2024

Junior Gstaad Summer Leadership Camp in Château-d’Oex, Switzerland:
– Session 1: 14 July – 20 July

In France:
SILC Creative & Entrepreneurial Summer Camp in Cannes, South of France:
– Session 1: 29 June – 12 July
– Session 2: 13 July – 26 July

Sea & Island Adventure in Corsica, France:
– Session 1: 29 June – 12 July
– Session 2: 13 July – 26 July

The choice of the camp depends on the specific preferences and goals of the student and their family. Consider factors such as the student’s interests and activity level. Additionally, preferences for location—whether it’s Switzerland or France—and the type of adventure, whether at sea, on an island, in the city, or in the mountains, all play a role in decision-making. To make an informed decision, we recommend reaching out to us and scheduling a Zoom call with our team. This way, we can assess individual needs and provide a tailored proposal for a summer camp experience. Each child is unique, and our aim is to nurture that uniqueness by offering personalised attention in selecting the right summer camp.

Please click here to schedule a direct call with our dedicated team.

We welcome both day and boarding students. The programme for day students starts each day at 9 AM and finishes at 6 PM. Should day students wish to join the evening activities (after 6 PM) that will be possible and you will be informed timely.

Boarding and day students will do all activities together and our friendly staff fosters bonding among all students. The biggest difference is that boarding students sleep on campus, whilst day students do not.

There isn’t a specific deadline for registration; it operates on a first-come, first-served basis. Given the boutique and small-scale nature of our camps, spots tend to fill up quickly. We recommend registering as soon as you known your preferred camp to secure your child’s place. Early registration increases the likelihood of securing a spot in the camp of your choice.


Our summer camps are unique in their nature. Therefore, each camp presents a different camp fee:

SILC & Champittet Summer Leadership Course in Lausanne, Switzerland:
View our all-inclusive camp fee here

Senior Gstaad Summer Leadership Camp in Switzerland:
View our all-inclusive camp fee here

Junior Gstaad Summer Leadership Camp in Switzerland:
View our all-inclusive camp fee here

SILC Creative & Entrepreneurial Summer Camp in Cannes, France:
View our all-inclusive camp fee here

Sea & Island Adventure in Corsica, France:
View our all-inclusive camp fee here

Should you be interested in a shorter or longer camp experience, please reach out directly to your personal concierge and we will be delighted to provide you all the information.

All our camp fees are all-inclusive. This means that all activities, transportation to/from activities, meals, snacks, accommodation, necessary gear for activity participation, and pick-up from and drop-off at the airport are included in the camp fee. There is only an additional mandatory insurance fee besides the camp fee. The airfare is not included and should be arranged by the family.

For all camps except SILC & Champittet Summer Leadership Camp:
To assist you to the best of our abilities, we offer full refund in case:
1. Cancellation until 15th May 2024.

In the following case, SILC Academy will provide a partial refund:
1. Cancellation from 15th May 2024 until June 1st: 80% refund on the total camp fee
2. Cancellation from 1st June 2024 onwards: 50% refund on the total camp fee

No refund is made for cancellations as of 15th June 2024, inability to obtain an entry visa for France or Switzerland, a shortened stay, missed activities or workshops, withdrawal or dismissal during the camp, and in case of force majeure circumstances such as events/occurrences that are out of the control of SILC Academy such as, but not limited to, natural disasters, pandemics, airport strikes, accidents, technical difficulties, conflicts, fire, and bad weather conditions.

For SILC & Champittet Summer Leadership Camp:
In case of visa rejection, we will provide a full refund. You have the possibility to subscribe to a private cancellation insurance. No refund is made for a shortened stay, missed activities or classes, withdrawal, or dismissal during the camp


Students should arrive on the communicated official first day of the camp. Early arrivals (i.e., one day prior) are only allowed in prior consultation with the camp management. There will generally be extra charges for early arrival.

We recommend arrivals and departures be organised between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM. In this way, you will guarantee that your child arrives to camp when most of the camp participants have arrived and will get the best of their camp experience. Arriving outside this time frame may be subject to additional transportation fees.

If your child is traveling alone and they are below 15 or 16 years old (depending on the airline), they may travel with a service called Unaccompanied Minor Service (UM Service). Usually the airline will require additional information from our end.

If you are interested in this service for your child, please inform us and your personal concierge will be in contact to assist you. Generally, students above 15 or 16 can travel on their own without a UM Service.

For SILC & Champittet Summer Leadership Camp and Junior and Senior Gstaad Summer Leadership Camp in Switzerland, the airport of pick-up is Geneva Airport.

For the SILC Creative & Entrepreneurial Summer Camp in Cannes, South of France, the airport is Nice Côte d’Azur Airport.

For the Sea & Island Adventure in Corsica, France, the airport is Figari-Sud Corse Airport.

Yes, absolutely. We provide pick-ups and drop-offs at both the dedicated airport or nearby train station (10:00 AM to 3:00PM). This is included in the camp fee. For different times and locations, charges will apply.

Additional Support

Our team would be happy to provide you with a Visa Support Letter. Please note that only once the full camp fee has been settled can we provide such a letter. Please contact us and your personal concierge will provide you with more information.

Yes, we do. We will notify you ahead of the Zoom webinar. Typically, in early May, we arrange specialised informational webinars. During these sessions, registered students and their parents can participate and address any questions they may have about the camp preparation.

Yes, certainly. All families will receive a dedicated Welcome Pack, containing a packing list where we outline all the required items that students need to bring to camp.

Yes, absolutely. Our team would be pleased to provide you with a School Excuse Letter should that be needed. Please contact us and your personal concierge will provide you with more information.

It would be our pleasure to schedule a Zoom call with you. Please click here to schedule a direct call with your dedicated personal concierge.

We understand that embarking on a summer camp adventure can be both thrilling and challenging’ especially for our first-time campers.

As an international camp that brings together young minds from around the world, we recognise that some campers might need a little extra support to ease into this new environment. We have thoughtfully crafted a short handbook to offer you, as parents and guardians, valuable insights and tips on how to prepare your child for a successful camp journey. The handbook with tips will assist you in helping your child adapt smoothly, manage potential homesickness, and make the most out of their time at camp.

Access the Handbook

Camp Life

Many activities are done in harmony with all our students. In some instances students may be divided into smaller age appropriate groups for specific activities.

Generally speaking, we ensure that all students enjoy this unique adventure all together.

Absolutely. Every student that participates at our summer camps in France and Switzerland are fully insured throughout their time at camp with a premium accident, liability, and health insurance.

Our camps are an immersive English speaking experience where students can develop their language skills (English or French) through natural interactions. Our summer camps focus on acquiring vital 21st Century Skills such as communication, team work, global citizenship, creativity, entrepreneurship, and goal setting, among other skills.

Absolutely, your child and their friends can share a room together. We strive to meet the preferences of our students and their families regarding room arrangements. It’s important to mention that we can only arrange students of the same gender to share a room. While we understand the desire for friends or siblings to room together, for a more enriching international experience, we strongly encourage students to share a room with new friends from different parts of the world. Rest assured, we will ensure they are placed with someone of the same age group.

Our dedicated team places great emphasis on the manner our students are roomed. We take into consideration many aspects such as languages spoken, student background, gender, age, and country of origin, among other factors. Please note that students are accommodated with other students from the same gender. Should a family want friends or siblings to be together, our team would be delighted to accommodate your wishes, communicated prior to camp.

Your child will have their phone with them. Therefore, you may reach out to them directly at the moments when they can use their phones. In general, phones are allowed before breakfast 7:30-8:00, on bus rides to and from the activities, during leisure time before dinner 18:00-19:00 and again just before bedtime 21:30-22:00, strictly following the rules given by the Camp Manager.

Additionally, in case of emergencies, you will be given a contact number that will be 24/7 available at your disposal.

We recommend students bring approximately 100 Euro or CHF 100 per week to the camp. Mainly for personal purchases during our excursions outside the campus.

Yes, visits are possible and must be arranged alongside camp management in advance.

Depending on the camp, returning students are in for an exhilarating comeback, featuring new-exclusive and thrilling outdoor adventures like sailing and paragliding—full list available to each camp upon request. Students can also dive into greater responsibilities, stepping into leadership roles among senior trainers, gaining insights into our camp operations, event planning, and activities management. The journey extends beyond the known, as students explore a myriad of skills, delve into their favoured leadership modules in greater detail, and embrace new and relevant topics such as media training and photography.

It’s not just a return; it’s a dynamic experience where they refine existing skills and unlock new horizons, from talent development to mastering study, presentation and interview skills. This new chapter builds upon the previous adventure, fostering a progressive and enjoyable learning environment, and igniting excitement for many more future comebacks.

Our camps offer an exciting and well-balanced daily programme, uniquely blending thrilling outdoor activities, team challenges, and engaging leadership training sessions and games, designed to be memorably fun, while being combined with learning outcomes for personal development.

Divided into three slots—morning, afternoon, and evening—the day begins at 7:30 with a wake-up call and breakfast at 8:00. The Morning Assembly at 8:30 sets the tone, leading into amazing camp activities on- and off-campus from 9:00 to 17:30, with a lunch break. Dinner is served at 19:00, followed by the exciting Evening Programme from 20:00 to 21:30 – extended on select days for added excitement.

In case of sickness, your child’s well-being is our top priority. Our premium insurance provides 24/7 access to online consultations and in-person doctor appointments near our campus. After a medical assessment, we follow guidelines rigorously.

Communication with families is constant, keeping you informed and involved in decision-making, including adherence to doctor prescriptions and next steps, whether it involves returning home, staying on campus in isolation, or any other necessary measures. Rest assured, medication is provided only with family approval and in accordance with your provided health and consent form.

The Personal Action Plan is a tailored booklet, designed for students to navigate and shape their leadership journey. Through thoughtful consideration of our leadership modules and camp experiences, students have the opportunity to choose and prioritise topics that resonate most with them. This strategic process allows them to craft a comprehensive plan, fostering self-reflection, defining actionable steps, and cultivating a constructive routine. Aligned with their personal purpose and motivations, the Personal Action Plan becomes a guiding tool for sustained growth. It helps them work towards goals in various aspects of life, including academics, personal projects, study routines, and more, ensuring a holistic approach to their development.

Mobile phones are allowed, but their use is restricted to specific times during the day and these times are subject to the programme for safety reasons and to not disturb the activities. In general, phones are allowed before breakfast 7:30-8:00, on bus rides to and from the activities, during leisure time before dinner 18:00-19:00 and again just before bed time 21:30-22:00, strictly following the rules given by the Camp Manager.

For the rest of the day, night and depending on the programme, students may be required to keep their phones at a safe location or give their phones to the staff member who keeps phones safe in a staff room.

We prioritise the safety and enjoyment of our students, maintaining a well-balanced ratio of 1:6 between students and trainers. In certain camps, this ratio can be even go down to 1:3 or 1:4. This balance ensures that each student receives personalised attention and contributes to an enriching and enjoyable experience.

The main language of operation at all of our camps is English.

Our locations are as unique as our camps are. Each private campus is representative of its area, the nature, and culture that surrounds it in both Switzerland and France.

SILC & Champittet Summer Leadership Camp in Swtizerland:
View accommodation here

Junior and Senior Gstaad Summer Leadership Camp in Switzerland:
View accommodation here

SILC Creative & Entrepreneurial Summer Camp in France:
View accommodation here

Sea & Island Adventure in France:
View accommodation here

All trainers who manage and run our camps are part of our international and multilingual senior training team, bringing different expertise to the variety of our leadership training modules. Hence, our core team of senior trainers consists of musicians, filmmakers, project managers, marketers, media trainers, educators, entrepreneurs, ski instructors, nutritionists, drama teachers, actresses, photographers, mountain guides, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Yes, each of the participating students will receive a personalised letter and a certificate of completion.

On-Camp Services

Yes, closer to camp start date, all families will be given a direct contact of the camp management along with an email address. Our team will be available to parents 24/7 in case of emergencies.

Yes and we love it. Please ensure that our team is notified timely should there be a special occassion to celebrate. Of course, we also verify birth dates throughout our process should any special organisations be needed for one of our adventurers at camp.

Absolutely. Our in-house chefs across our various camp locations fully comply with any dietary, religious, or medical requirements.

Yes, the camp fee already includes a laundry service (no dry cleaning), which will be offered one time during the camp duration.

Yes, there is Wi-Fi available for the use of our students. Please note that the availability will differ per camp. Wi-Fi use is allowed under the supervision of our Camp Manager and on-spot team.

Please note: There is no Wi-Fi available at our Sea & Island Adventure in Corsica, France due to the nature of the summer camp.

Certainly! Prior to camp parent’s will receive a link and password to a blog that will be updated daily with stories and photos of the camp activities. We virtually let you experience the camp adventure alongside us.

Good to know

We would like to invite you to visit our YouTube channel to view all our camp videos. Here you will find engaging and informative videos that we prepared together with our students. Additionally, you may follow us on Instagram to view exclusive camp content.

Each of our camps is unique in its nature. All but one of our summer camps welcome students from 11 up to 17 years old. Our Junior Gstaad Summer Leadership Camp welcomes students from 7 up to 10 yeas old. Each year we see a healthy balance of ages, genders, and backgrounds at camp. This ensures the international ambiance at camp and enriches our students’ camp experience.

Our students come from all over the world. See the world map below to see which countries we welcomed students from during last summer.

Our unforgettable experiences are in Switzerland and France. Our various private campuses invoke a safe and open environment for our students to enjoy and with activities close by!