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We are a premier Student Leadership organisation with more than 12 years of experience in the education industry and are proud member of a variety of international school organisations and councils such as the BSME, AAIE, EARCOS, ECIS and NESA. As a result, we work with students from the world’s most prestigious schools to unlock their potential. Thus, SILC Academy organises school workshops, school camps throughout the academic year, two-week summer camps in Switzerland and France, and one-day conferences around the world open for all students. Our programmes are specially designed using our SILC curricular framework to combine amazing activities and fun games alongside workshops and evaluations. Our approach has proven to be a powerful tool for developing student learning and leadership skills.

Here at SILC, each student has the chance to learn and experience incredible things in unique places and exclusive activities, make friends with like-minded peers around the world, and get personalised feedback and guidance to help them achieve their full potential by developing their unique skills and talents.

Group of students sitting around a campfire in the mountain


The SILC curriculum is a pedagogically aligned syllabus developed over many years by our experienced team of educators in partnership with top private schools from around the world. Our programme integrates learning outcomes with fun group activities and outdoor challenges. In addition, by positioning activities alongside feedback and evaluation, we ensure utmost attention on children’s development that our dedicated trainers, all of whom have extensive backgrounds in the education industry, provide.

Our trainers

Our trainers connect with each student individually, providing personal insight and helping students to develop self-reflection and resilience. Throughout this experience, our students are encouraged to identify personal goals and make a commitment to accomplish these during their academic, sporting and daily lives. In turn, this results in creating a Personal Action Plan – a tool which has proved to have a significant and positive impact on child development.

A group of students rafting in Switzerland at a summer camp


In conclusion, our speakers, trainers and coaches are a unique melting pot of passionate, committed and highly experienced experts in the field of leadership, coaching, and consulting. All trainers who manage and run the Student Leadership Series are part of our international and multilingual senior training team and they bring a different expertise to the variety of training modules. Hence, our core team of senior trainers consists of musicians, film makers, project managers, directors, marketeers, media trainers, educators, entrepreneurs, ski instructors, nutritionists, drama teachers, actresses, photographers, mountain guides and outdoor enthusiasts. Also, we work as educational consultants to help schools design, optimise and expand their student leadership programmes.

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